About Me

So… what about me!?

I tried and tried and tried… my whole life I’ve been fighting weight, it was a constant up and down. Everytime I thought I can make it, and sometimes I really did some good progress, I somehow always failed due to lack of continuity. I hated it, and I still do… even in times when I made good progress and I said to myself “Never again will I gain weight”, I always failed. I’m tired of failing, I’m tired of not being able to continously work on myself, to get rid of my overweight that I carry for too long already. All of this and much more made me thinking… thinking about me, about my weaknesses, my challenges and especially about my reasons for failing.

So here I am now, making a resolution… a resolution that should change my life for always and forever. I want to get lean, I want to get fit… I want to be that person that I always wanted to be… not a model, not y bodybuilder, but someone who is fit, lean and healthy. Someone who’s enjoying life and sports again… someone who can walk fast, run, going up stairs without feeling exhausted.

So what should make the change?

I decided to start with CrossFit and I will tell everything about it here in this blog. I want to share my experiences and my progress in order to remind myself everyday about my resolution. I want to motivate people like me, everyone who is fighting daily to not enter in the bakery around the corner and getting one of those delicious treats. I want to share my experiences in nutrition, insight on nutrition that I’m getting during my progress, product recommendations, etc. This thing here will be a real thing… no cheating, even when experiencing some set-backs, I will tell you all about it.

I hope you join me on my new journey… any kind of feedback, motivation, etc is more than welcome. And I hope I can be of help too, either by sharing my insights on training, nutrition, motivation, etc. or by just motivating others like me that want to become a better version of themselves. Those who always tried, always wanted, always wished, but never achieved their goal. Let’s do this together!!

Let me quote Yoda, the old and wise Jedi Knight…




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