11th WOD…

About my 11th WOD*… I can’t really believe that I’ve come so far. But hey, I really did it and yesterday, the first time, someone said to me… “You can be proud of you, I can see already results and you look much better”. I mean how good is that for a motivation!!!!? I really can see now that all the efforts are paying of, that I’m reaping the rewards for all the sweat and pain that goes into the training. I’m still far off from what I want to achieve, but the start was done… the first month basically over. Just Monday’s WOD needs to be done and I did it. What’s going on today… it sounds really fucking crazy, but hell yeah, lets do it!!!

5′ window for each exercise:
buy in always 15 burpees
-40 wallball shots
-25/30 cal row/ski
-30 db/kb thrusters
-40 db/kb push press
-25 bar facing burpees


*by crosszone.at

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