10th WOD…

And yes… I can't really believe it but I started the 4th week already and by Friday I'll be celebrating my first "CrossFit" month. And no, I won't celebrate it by eating some bad food and drinking alcohol. I will look into the mirror, see and feel what I achieved so far and set myself a new goal… work out harder, get stronger, and above all… get leaner!!! And I can't achieve that goal by throwing some bad food in my face. I want to challenge myself and my biggest challenge currently is to find the right nutrition plan that maximizes muscle growth and fat loss. Sounds easy, but I tell you that I'm quite fighting to find the right way of doing it… But more to that later.

Here's todays WOD*…


14′ amrap:
-5 cluster
-5 strict pull ups

*by crosszone.at

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