9th WOD Aftermath…

Today’s workout was amazing… I really loved it, all the different exercises and whole drive the group had during that hour. Floor Presses are basically the same as Bench Presses, but as you may imagine already, performed on the floor instead of a bench. 😉 While I was still working out in a normal gym, Bench Presses were always my favorite exercise. I always loved the pump on your chest and upper body when finished. It always delivers a feeling of being invincible, even though we all know that we are not. But hey… it just fells good and that is what matters in the end.

In the beginning I thought that it will be a bit of a less hard metcon after having reviewed the exercises. Ring Rows, Wallball Shots and Running… can’t be that bad right. Wrong!!! Doing all of them in a metcon, 4 rounds in not even 20 min… a killer I tell you. I tried hard, I really did… and I finished it, but couldn’t do the last round of running… time was up, me feeling exhausted, but good.

What’s very interesting apart from me feeling great, seeing results already… the motivation is shifting from I’m doing it because I have to (loose weight, build muscle, etc), to I’m doing it because I want/need to. Every day between the workout seems so empty… even though I know that those days of recovery are important to. But hey, it seems to create a certain addiction and I won’t complain about it. That’s what everyone wants to achieve… that a so called “MUST” becomes a “NEED”… that it’s not just a phase or a thing, but more a lifestyle, a habit… a part of who you are.

Sore muscles – Negative
Feeling tired – Negative

Growing muscles – Positive
Feeling strong – Postive
Feeling motivated – Positive
Feeling addicted – Positive

So to resume the above… I’m really happy that I did that change, that I endured the first weeks because I became stronger, not only physically but especially mentally in order to continue my path becoming a brand new me.

Before I forget, I would like to share the results after hitting the scale yesterday… So I started about 4 weeks ago with Crossfit and 3 weeks ago, I did an analysis with my scale and update it every sunday morning.

Here are the results…
Body Fat – down by 3.1%
Water – up by 1.3%
Muscle Mass – up by 2.6kg
Weight Loss – down by 1.5kg

It feels about right I guess. I don’t know if I should should be happy about that progress cause I have no clue if those figures are good or not after 3 weeks. But the direction it goes seems right to me. Any comment is of course welcome here.

Say focused…

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